Cohabitation isn’t always easy, and there are countless roommate horror stories that support this notion. Whether you’re living with a childhood friend or a total stranger, there are ways you can avoid tension while sharing space. For a healthy, happy living situation, here are some tips on how you can get along with your roommates.

Communicate Often

Poor communication is at the heart of any dysfunctional relationship. If you aren’t voicing your wants, needs, and concerns, things will go sour fast. The only surefire way to resolve problems is by having an adult conversation about the matter. While it’s important to say what you mean, there’s no sense in being mean when you say it. With that said, be direct, but don’t be cruel.

Set Boundaries

Without boundaries, you and your roommates are bound to rub one another the wrong way. To prevent a falling-out, make sure that you express what you are and aren’t comfortable with. For instance, someone using the bathroom while you’re in the shower. Your roommates can’t read minds, so it’s wise to bring these topics up before resentment kicks in. Not only is this a mature approach, but it’s also an excellent way to ensure that everyone is met with respect.

Get To Know Them

If you aren’t familiar with who you’ll be living with, take the time to get to know them. With a better understanding of who they are, you’ll learn how to coexist with them. It’s all right if you don’t become fast friends. As long as you put in the effort, you’ll guarantee that you start off on the right foot. With mutual consideration, everyone can live in perfect harmony.

Find Other Friends

More often than not, roommates become dependent on one another. In addition to being unhealthy, this can also lead to interpersonal strain. While there’s nothing wrong with deepening a relationship with your roommates, you don’t want them to become your only friends. For your social well-being, make it a point to forge other friendships.

Manage Conflict Productively

Conflict makes many people uncomfortable. However, it’s often necessary to solve an ongoing problem. Whatever you do, don’t be passive-aggressive. This won’t get you anywhere, and you’ll wind up feeling more uneasy about the situation. Instead, write out how you feel, and approach your roommates with a cool, calm, and collected demeanor. You’ll find peace of mind.

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