Grocery shopping, while tedious, can be an enjoyable experience if you frequent the right stores. If you’re a native to the Coral Gables area, there are tons of quality options to choose from. Whether you’re shopping on a budget or looking for specific items, one of the following top-rated grocery stores is bound to satisfy your needs.

Milam’s Market

Regarded as the top grocery destination for food and wine lovers, Milam’s Market is a family-owned supermarket committed to quality, variety, and service. Known primarily for their fresh produce and traditional products, Milam’s appeals to all palates. The store also boasts a deli and bakery, allowing shoppers to diversify their grocery lists. Their delivery and in-store pickup options make food shopping hassle-free and safe.

Whole Foods

Preferred for its organic products, Whole Foods is a beloved supermarket. While shopping the aisles, you won’t find any items that contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Instead, you’ll have an assortment of pesticide-free, natural products at your disposal. If local, plant-based food is what you’re after, Whole Foods won’t disappoint. Though headquartered in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods is a national treasure, which is why you’ll find it in Coral Gables.


Unlike most supermarkets, Publix is an employee-owned grocery store. As one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States, Publix is a fan favorite. In addition to its ongoing sales, Publix also offers unmatched customer service. To keep consumers informed, Publix releases a weekly ad that’s rich with deals and coupons. For “personal, simple shopping” that promises increased savings opportunities, look no further than Publix.

Verde Market

Verde Market offers a sustainable way to shop for groceries. While shopping here, you can purchase goods in bulk, which means you can cut your grocery outings in half. Best of all, Verde puts a premium on delivering waste-free, plant-based foods. When you buy from Verde, you can rest assured that your groceries are healthy, safe, and good for the environment.

Wild Fork

From pork and seafood to lamb and poultry, Wild Fork specializes in a variety of meats. They promise to offer the largest selection of top-notch meat at prices that customers can afford. They’ve dubbed this approach the “Wild Fork way.” They source their meats from trusted feeders in Nevada and Colorado to ensure that their products are nothing less than the best.

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