When it is time to find your first apartment, you need to know a few things about renting. From moving budgets to lease agreements, you must make plans during this apartment hunting process. You can take a big step towards finding a place to live with this ultimate first apartment checklist.

Create a Budget

Apartments are available in all types of price ranges. While you might want to choose the most luxurious setting, these spaces could be out of your reach. First, you need to calculate your total costs for rent. When you make an accurate budget, you must plan for rent, utilities, and other costs associated with your living expenses. You might also want to budget for new furniture. If you have trouble making a budget, you can find plenty of expense calculators on the internet.

Think About Your Needs

Once the budget is complete, you need to think about the features you want for your apartment. Many people have a list with the number of bedrooms, the location, and the amenities they want for an apartment. When you have figured out your needs, you can create a list of apartments to check out. With these few steps, you can streamline the process to find a great apartment.

Tour the Apartments

Before choosing an apartment, you will want to see them in person. Pictures are nice, but they can be a little misleading. You also want to get a feel of the neighborhood and the amenities in person. While on tour, check the windows and doors for signs of damage. Make sure there are no wet spots on the ceiling or walls. You will also want to make sure those faucets and light fixtures are operational.

Complete the Rental Application

Once you have found a place, it is time to fill out a rental application. Many leasing companies ask for a valid identification card, Social Security card, bank statements, pay stubs, and referral letters. It may take a few days to get approved. After you have passed all the background checks, you can sign the lease. However, you want to read it and ask any questions about the terms. The lease will state when the rent is due. Your contract also outlines all the fees. Within the lease, you also have a move-in date for your apartment. Make sure that you follow the rules, or you could face fines or eviction.

Move-In Day

Once you have signed the lease, you can plan to move. Organization is the key to your moving success. You should put a plan in place to get packing supplies, schedule a moving truck, and enlist some friends to help. Once that is done, you can shop for apartment basics, such as groceries and household supplies.

This checklist gives you an idea about what you can expect from your first apartment. Apartment hunting does not need to be a hassle, especially for first-timers. With a little planning, you can easily find a great place and move without any issues.

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